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ميانمار (ماغوي) - 1970-2070

( ) for ميانمار (ماغوي)

The following sectors are not safe for the time being: Tachilek region, Thai border

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()- ( )* 13 , 2017بطاقابريديةالزهور 
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اكتمال قمر تادينجيوت* 15 , 2017  
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( ) 31 , 2017بطاقابريديةالزهور 
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()- ( ) -
13 , 2016

بطاقابريديةالزهور : The second main celebration of Islam. It cele ates A aham's willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Muslims make their annual pilgrimage, or the Hajj , to Makkah (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia.

اكتمال قمر تادينجيوت -
15 , 2016

: The Buddhist Lent comes to an end and all those couples who had been putting off marriage now rush into each other's arms. Monks are free to travel from kyaung to kyaung or to go on pilgrimage to holy spots such as Kyaiktiyo or Mt Popa. The Festival of Lights takes place during Thadingyut to celebrate Buddha's return from a period of preaching dhamma (Buddhist philosophy) in Tavatimsa (the highest deva realm), his way lit by devas who lined the route of his descent. For the three days of the festival all of Myanmar is lit by oil lamps, fire balloons, candles and even mundane electric lamps. Tadingyut is the name of a month falling in September-October.

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31 , 2016

بطاقابريديةالزهور :