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"Poson Poya"* 19 , 2015البوذية 
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( )* 18 , 2015البوذية 
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"Poson Poya" -
19 , 2016

البوذية : Commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahat Maha Mahinda (son of King Asoka of India) at Mihintale in the third century B.C. Ven Mahinda established the Dispensation of The Buddha (Buddhasasana) in Sri Lanka.

( ) -
18 , 2016

البوذية : For a period of 3 months, Buddhists priests have to meditate in temples and observe strict rules. Young men are also enrolled in temples on that day, until Auk Phansa -- full moon of October, the official end of the rainy season.